Our UAV services offer a fast and affordable way to acquire imagery, measurements, and geospatial features for your project. Guida has been a pioneer in the safe operation of UAVs for mapping and surveying.

Both the company and our pilots are FAA certified.


The software we utilize allows us to pull measurements from almost any aspect of our model. This can include linear measurements as well as quick stockpile analysis. The key feature is that the model retains all data in the bounds of our flight: we can pull measurements off of things at any time, even if not requested at the time of the visit.

Construction Planning & Tracking

The orthophotos generated can be used to plan layouts of future projects. As construction progresses, we can make flights to show the same area over a period of time, providing a useful tool for construction tracking to keep progress reports on projects. The orthophotos provided are to scale and can be measured off of in a CAD program

Mapping & Surveying

Using photogrammetry software to analyze the aerial photos taking during uav missions, we are able assimilate GPS information to create usable geo-referenced deliverables. These can then be imported to a variety of software packages for use and analysis such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microstation, and more.

Aerial Photography

The ability to get imagery from the air is a useful tool to examine vantage points on projects. This provides avenues for unique inspection and marketing abilities.


We use a stable quadcopter system (up to 20mph winds) with a 3 axis gimbal and a high resolution imaging sensor. With our set up, we are able to steam live HD video of what we are seeing from the craft to an auxilliary screen. This would allow a team to direct the operator to points of interest while recording HD video and still images.

A UAV system is able to safely reach areas that would require significantly more time to access for humans with significant increases in safety.

The Sky is the Limit.

Our UAV services allow us to provide a range of deliverables targeted to our clients needs.

Using Dense Image Matching software based off photogrammetric principles; we are able to get a 3D point cloud of any job site we fly. Using this information we can pull vector and point data where needed, show a 3D mesh visualization model of the site for project managers, provide accurate topographic and planimetric measurements for the technicians using our data, and deliver this information in data sets compatible with the leading CAD software packages.