Right of Way Engineering includes various tasks
to support the acquisition of property, whether in fee or easement.

The various survey elements may include cadastral and title research, field reconnaissance and recovery, boundary analysis, boundary monumentation, land net surveys and mapping, legal descriptions and plats, appraisal maps, right of way maps, and survey support for the condemnation process. Guida works closely with the design engineer to perform cadastral and title research and land net mapping that supports the overall engineering project, aids in the development of right of way requirements, and provides the supporting acquisition survey support to assist the project owner in acquiring the requisite fee and/or easement rights.

Cadstral & Title Research

Guida’s staff brings hundreds of years of land surveying experience combined; this includes performing cadastral and title research to support property acquisition and development. Understanding the history of a parcel of land is imperative in establishing existing boundary lines and developing new right of way.

Land Net Survey

Guida provides detailed land net surveys to tell the story of property ownership for any right of way project. It provides the client with existing property ownership, rights of way, easements, encumbrances, etc.

Acquisition Support

Guida understands that whether to support fee or easement acquisitions, there are many methods and documents used to acquire property. From appraisal mapping, legal descriptions and plats, or condemnation exhibits, Guida is well versed in what is required for both public and private projects.


Guida has prepared condemnation packages for various clients and understands what is required to meet the rigorous legal requirements. When an impasse is reached between property owner and project owner, condemnation is a method of obtaining property rights for a public improvement project.


Los Angeles Metro
I-5 North Managed Lanes

Guida is providing design surveying services to support the development of plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for the I-5 Managed Lanes project, including horizontal and vertical control surveys, topographic design surveys of bridges, mainline pavement surveys, along with right of way surveys and engineering.

City of Irvine
On-Call Surveying Services

Since the mid-1990s, Guida has provided the City of Irvine with on-call, as-needed land surveying services on various projects. Services have included field and office surveys for the design and construction of municipal improvements such as facilities, streets, traffic signals, walls, bridges, bike trails, storm drains and channels and public utilities.

City of Brea
State Route 57/Lambert Road Interchange

Guida provided horizontal and vertical control surveys tied to the Caltrans District 12 and County of Orange primary controls, aerial photogrammetric mapping following the Caltrans ABC process, topographic design surveys for bridge and roadway design, utility surveys, and initial land net mapping. Guida also provided full right of way engineering services including cadastral and title research, review of title reports, boundary surveys, land net mapping, appraisal mapping and legal descriptions preparation.