Land Surveying Meets Modern Technology.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) has long been an industry standard for collecting accurate and dense 3D data in challenging environments. Guida’s LiDAR technology offers our clients an efficient solution for measuring as-built conditions by generating accurate 3D point clouds.


LiDAR is an efficient method of generating deliverables that meet Department of Transportation industry standards.


Terrestrial LiDAR data sets combined with 3D models memorialize historical buildings, Monuments, and cultural heritage sites.


LiDAR provides precision layout information for maximum utilization of available space in future design, a cost effective as-built solution.


Quick and efficient collection of 3D data and high dynamic range imagery for your project backed by proven survey experience.

LiDAR Specialists

LiDAR data can be cumbersome to work with. Our team at Guida is experienced in LiDAR workflows both in the field and office. Our experience in this technology allows us to extract the specific vector, surface, and point information you are trying to determine from your point clouds. Whether you require expertise in LiDAR field surveys, or data extraction from existing point clouds, Guida has the technical proficiency and experience to assist you with even the most advanced 3D projects.