Land surveys are the foundation on which we have built our firm.

Whether providing services for transportation, residential and commercial development, public utilities, or municipal projects, Guida offers the experience, expertise, and innovation to meet our clients’ land surveying and mapping needs.


Guida offers team members who are passionate about providing land surveying services. Our team of professional surveyors and technicians care deeply about the quality of work they provide every day

Boundary Surveys

Guida has performed a vast array of boundary surveys from ALTA surveys, subdivision mapping, right of way engineering, and map checking. We understand, comply with, and advise our clients on the specifications and laws that govern our profession in California.


Guida is a champion of monument preservation and perpetuation and continually advises our clients of the importance of complying with Section 8771 of the California Business and Professions Code.

Map Checking

Guida provides an independent review of maps, legal descriptions, lot line adjustments, and other survey related deliverables as they relate to the project specifications, Professional Land Surveyors’ Act, Subdivision Map Act, and specifications the govern the land surveying profession.


City of Irvine
On-Call Surveying Services

Guida has provided the City of Irvine with on-call, as-needed land surveying services on various projects. Services have included field and office surveys for the design and construction of municipal improvements such as facilities, streets, traffic signals, walls, bridges, bike trails, storm drains and channels and public utilities.

Los Angeles Metro
I-605 Corridor Improvements

Guida is leading the surveying and mapping services to support the various improvement projects along the I-605 corridor. Design surveys include horizontal and vertical control surveys, aerial photogrammetric mapping, topographic surveys and land net surveys.

City of Pasadena
On-Call Surveying Services

Guida provided the City with land surveying services including the map checking activities, land net mapping, legal description and plat preparation, monument inspection, and other professional land surveyor document reviews.