Guida provides GIS solutions for our clients and their projects daily.

This may include data collection, aerial imagery, digital orthophotos and 3D modeling, data research and document management, and data deliverables in various CAD and GIS platforms. We have provided various GIS solutions to support cadastral, historical, pipeline and special purpose projects throughout California.

Data Collection

Guida understands that an effective GIS begins with quality data. We bring the high standards of land surveying to our GIS collection efforts. This means we help our clients perform GIS data collection that is based on a solid foundation of good survey control, that obtains accurate attribute data, and that produces useful metadata. This commitment to high-quality GIS data collection means your GIS can be used confidently by your organizations decision makers.

Planning & Design

Are you using GIS effectively across the different parts of your organization? Is your GIS design meeting the needs of people within your organization? The experts at Guida can help you answer these questions. The Guida team is ready to help you with GIS needs assessment, GIS planning, and GIS design. This includes meeting with your team members to determine GIS needs to designing your geodatabase or mobile data collection system.

Special Purpose

Guida excels at the implementation and maintenance of special-purpose GIS. We specialize in GIS for land and infrastructure. This includes GIS services for storm drain systems, sewer systems, water networks, levee systems, land parcel data, and petroleum pipelines. Our team has provided these services to utility districts and public agencies across California.

Survey Data Integration

Many organizations keep their survey data and GIS data in separate silos. This traps the inherent value that survey data can provide outside of the GIS. It also prevents GIS from being used to manage large scale or on-going survey operations. Guida can help your organization tear down those silos. We are land surveyors that use GIS every day as part of our own work, and no one knows how to integrate survey data into a GIS like we do.

Integrating UAV & GIS Technology
The Gardens at Heather Farm

Guida Surveying Inc. is proud to highlight its involvement in the expanding development of a Walnut Creek based non-profit organization: The Gardens at Heather Farm. Guida received a request from the Garden to provide only a topographic map that could aid in designing an upcoming children’s area. Guida understood the client’s non-profit status, where donated services are predominantly the only way to thrive. The team at Guida jumped at the opportunity to provide aid free of charge in the form of conventional mapping, UAV, and GIS services.

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