Horizontal and vertical control is the foundation of every survey project.

Understanding project datums, known controls, accuracy requirements, and acceptable methods to achieve the clients’ expectations are all critical in planning, establishing, and producing control. Guida understands the importance of solid and repeatable control that meet projects requirements.


Guida’s field crews are equipped with Trimble GNSS receivers, real time kinematic radios, fixed height tripods and rods, and the experience in properly performing any GNSS Survey.

Static Networks

Static GNSS surveys allow for the establishment of high order controls. Guida has the experience and expertise in establishing primary controls to the highest standards.

Real Time Networks

Guida understands when real time networks (RTN) are practical and appropriate to meet project requirements. Guida subscribes to several Real Time networks within California.


Guida brings the experience and expertise in determining the correct datums/epochs and establishing proper controls.


Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
I-605 Corridor Improvement Project

Guida is providing horizontal and vertical controls, aerial photogrammetric mapping, topographic design surveys, right of way surveys, and other survey and mapping in support of four projects along the I-605 Corridor. Guida has been responsible for bridging the gap in data within these projects and building a seamless corridor survey and mapping file for the design engineering teams.

County of Los Angeles
Seamless GIS Project

Guida provided Static GPS surveys to establish horizontal and vertical control on 52 primary and cadastral points within the Los Angeles County to support the County’s Seamless GIS Project.