Construction Survey establishes the necessary vertical
and horizontal control distinctions required for a construction project.

Construction projects today are more challenging than ever before. New technology that automates project design and project construction brings cost savings, but increased risk. Guida has the tools and skills needed to reduce risk and improve results on your construction projects through our construction survey services.

Construction Staking

Guida provides construction staking and layout, including accurate survey control for projects that utilize machine control/machine guidance.

Design Plan Review

Guida conducts a thorough review of design plans from a surveyor’s perspective, reducing problems with layout during construction.

Certified As-Builts

Guida can provide pad certifications and detailed as-builts backed by our company’s licensed land surveyors with accuracy you can count on.


Guida reduces risk by monitoring critical aspects of your construction project. We work with you to design and implement an efficient monitoring program.

UAV Integration to Construction Survey

UAV services delivered by Guida allow you to accurately integrate survey information with aerial photos. These work products can be used to verify horizontal location, elevation, and the slope of design improvements. They can also be used to calculate quantities. Measurement data from the UAV acquired photos can be imported into your GIS or BIM deliverables.

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