Guida has provided the Town of Danville with various land surveying and mapping services; tasks have included:

San Ramon Valley Topo
Guida was asked to collect topographic and utility mapping for the design of a lane addition along San Ramon Valley Boulevard to help elevate traffic congestion along the frontage roadway. Due to heavy traffic during the commuting hours, Guida’s crew staggered work hours to ensure traffic congestion was minized during commute hours.

Village Theater Finish Surface Verification
Guida provided QA/QC surveys to help mitigate potential elevation challenges. Utilizing the latest Trimble SX-10 scanning total station, Guida was able to take finish floor and surface elevations, import them into a Trimble Buisness Center tool, and compare what was constructed to the original design plans. Additional level loops were run using Leica’s C10 laser scanner and tied into the benchmark. Guida prepared and submitted a report letter and topographic map, giving a true picture of the elevations on the project. Using technology allowed Guida to perform the work more efficently and safely than traditional survey techniques. Guida’s team submitted an official report letter and topographic map, helping determine what elevations were actually constructed on the project.

Alice Court Staking
Due to greater rain than anticipated, along with drainage issues, a curb replacement along Alice Court was needed. Guida was tasked to create a topographic map, which showed the existing asphalt and broken pathways. Following the client’s design, Guida provided construction staking for the new rolled curb for the contractors.

Future ADA Compliance Design
The Guida team was asked to preform topographic mapping for a large intersection. The team used conventional methods to map the curb in area for designing new ADA compliant curb returns along El Cerro Boulevard. Using field data, Guida’s mapping department produced and delivered a AutoCAD drawing for future design. Guida was able to perform these services on time and on budget.