Guida assisted The Gardens at Heather Farms, a local non-profit organization in Walnut Creek, California with topographic mapping services.

Further services delivered to the Gardens at Heather Farms:

  • UAV mapping services for the entirety of the garden property
  • Video and photography services Heather Farms has utilized for promotional purposes
  • GIS services including and interactive map with embedded information
  • Layout and graphical design for use in new site map for Heather Farms website and promotional materials
  • Revamped design of layout and signage apparatus to give Heather Farms updated placard, branding, and instructional material
  • Training resources from Esri using our GIS specialist as a liaison between Esri and the Heather Farms staff

We at Guida believe that not only were we successful in aiding a worthy local organization that benefits the residents of Walnut Creek, we were also able to make a case for the applied use of UAV technology to augment and suitably enhance both traditional survey deliverables as well as GIS products.