Guida has worked with multiple departments within PG&E to implement process and procedures improving construction documentation of pipe centerline, construction easement limits, facility footprints and other critical information. Our efforts ensure existing, new and hydrostatic pressure tested natural gas pipelines have verifiable documentation regarding the pipeline being operated by PG&E and meet the California Public Utilities Commission’s newly established guidelines.

Guida has acted as the field surveyor on many of PG&E natural gas pipeline construction sites where we capture and document the pipe vintage, valves, hydrostatic pressure testing information, welding information and much more. This information is then compared to the original design, and sometimes PG&E’s current documentation for that pipe (if applicable), ultimately Guida produces and delivers an as-built/as construction map to PG&E engineering group.

As a Woman Owned Business, Guida has become one of PG&E’s valued surveying team members for the hydrostatic testing, replacement or installation of new pipelines. Our efforts have assisted to improve the management of PG&E’s field engineering quality control during the construction process. Additional tasks Guida has performed included preparation of isometric drawings, weld maps, assisting to determine pipe qualities and quantities used in formal Stress Test Pressure Reports.