Guida provided a wide spectrum of surveying services for this OCTA project. Our services include assisting Caltrans with aerial topographic mapping, right-of-way delineation and engineering, design surveys, utility surveys, bridge surveys, freeway cross sections, title research, boundary surveys, and coordination with OCTA and Caltrans. Assist Caltrans with aerial topographic mapping.

  • Precise right-of-way delineation, establishing 200+ parcels adjacent to the highway
  • Design surveys for base-map enhancement
  • Utility survey mapping the existing facilities, covering roughly a 5+-mile linear segment
  • Bridge surveys
  • Extensive freeway cross sections
  • Title research
  • Boundary surveys
  • Assist Caltrans with aerial topographic mapping

Guida performed this work with adherence to the guidelines set forth by OCTA and Caltrans, enhancing the efficiency of a congested highway.