Guida is providing surveying services for the ACE Montebello Corridor Grade Separation project. The project includes a grade separation, a pedestrian overpass, and three quiet zone quad gate crossings over a 1.4-mile span. Services included control network survey, aerial mapping, design survey, right of way surveying, reviewing title reports, plotting existing encumbrances, and pothole location surveys.

In addition, Guida surveyed a critical Los Angeles County Flood Control Tunnel that was 40 feet below surface (pictured). Guida’s survey crews had to be lowered by crane 40 feet down into the bottom of the 10-foot x 10’-foot massive concrete structure, which required our staff to possess a special Los Angeles County Flood Control Confined Space Certification. Special coordination and planning was performed with the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, City of Los Angeles, Moffatt & Nichol, HDR, Ninyo & Moore, traffic control services, and the rental of specialized confined space equipment.