GuGuida was asked by the engineering design lead to perform a terrestrial LiDAR survey of the basement of the Marina Middle School to support geotechnical and seismic retrofit construction activities. Access to the basement was challenging, as the basement ceiling was approximately 4-foot high. This small space made it impossible for the geotechnical and seismic engineers to bring their construction equipment in to perform their work. In order to complete the construction, the contractor needed to drill through the ground floor into the basement to create openings to perform their work. The Marina Middle School’s utility infrastructure is housed in the basement, so knowing the exact location of each pipe and conduit was critical. Utilizing our Trimble SX-10, Guida was able to traverse from the exterior of the school into the hallways and basement space, establishing horizontal and vertical controls as well as capturing the terrestrial LiDAR data to develop 3D models of the basement space.