Founder of Guida Surveying, Inc. (Guida), Ralph Guida IV, PLS, ACECF, has long supported the engineering industry. In November 2021, he was elected to serve as American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Vice Chair for 2022-2024. He has been an active ACEC member for more than 17 years, and has served as State Chapter President, Member Organization (M.O.) President for Orange County, California, Chair of the Coalition of Professional Surveyors (COPS), Political Action Committee (PAC) member for California, and the M.O. National Director.

In October 2021, Ralph was unanimously selected by his colleagues into the ACEC College of Fellows. This honor is granted to a distinguished class of engineering and land surveying professionals, in recognition of their contributions to the Council and the profession.

Ralph’s main priority while serving as Vice Chair is to increase participation and growth in National political action: to elevate awareness of the many contributions professional engineers and land surveyors provide to the growth and support of communities, and to highlight the efforts of these professionals who provide such benefits as scholarships, internships, and volunteer work as well as other community services.

During his involvement with ACEC, Ralph has utilized his various leadership positions as a forum for advocacy within the land surveying profession, a career that has become a lifelong passion of his. Over the years, these leadership roles have included serving as Orange County Chapter President, California State President, Political Action Committee (at both State and national levels), Coalition of Professional Surveyors as Chair and Steering Committee member, and as Chair for National Coalition. In these roles, he has been heavily involved with fundraising initiatives and awareness campaigns, as well as speaking with key legislators while serving on political action committees, both within California and across the U.S.

Congratulations on this notable position, Ralph!