As part of Guida’s commitment to growing our profession and investing in the people who are its future, on January 25-26, 2019, Guida participated in the California State University, Fresno 2019 Geomatics Engineering Conference.

Guida team members Allyn Kruse, Ashley Aguirre, and Julianne Warmerdam (Central Valley Office), Aimee Wakefield (Bay Area Office), Lisa Spivak and Justin Height (Orange County Office), and Jacque Bushardt (San Diego Office) hosted Guida’s booth and attended the event with the intention of meeting students to answer questions about the survey profession and to recruit those who are interested in internships or future employment. In fact, last year Guida interviewed Julianne, who currently interns year-round with Guida’s Fresno office team. Julianne did a great job as part of this year’s student conference planning committee.

Additionally, Guida was among several surveying and mapping firms who generously gave to the student scholarship program. Students were presented with their checks at the conference lunch session on Saturday.