Last month Guida had the honor of attending the 30th annual Focus on the Future Conference at the historic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego! This conference, which is organized by the Self-Help Counties Coalition, focuses on the future of transportation as it brings together transportation agencies, elected officials, and other businesses in the industry to discuss their experience and future projects. Every year Guida team members from all over California attend this event to support our efforts in improving our state’s transportation needs.

As we bring together our team members, we also take the opportunity every year to host a special dinner to thank a few of our teaming partners for their support. This year’s dinner was held at the Bluewater Boathouse, a beautiful location whose history surpasses even that of the Hotel Del Coronado. Built as a test building prior to the hotel in 1887, the venue was the perfect location for our vintage boardwalk themed dinner. Throughout the night our team and guests enjoyed a lovely meal while we celebrated our successes and the relationships we have built over the years.

Thank you to everyone who attended for joining the “Guida family” for an evening, we hope we were able to show our gratitude for all your support.