Guida would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank Dean Bouldin for his 15 years of service at the firm. We have chosen to highlight Dean this month in our employee spotlight, but before we get to know him a little better, Guida’s Vice President of Operation in Irvine, Tim Fettig, shared a few sentiments about Dean’s tenure.

“I can’t believe it has been 15 years! Dean has been an incredible mentor and friend. He is a great role model for all. It is what we strive for here Guida. He has an extraordinary work ethic and is always willing to put in the extra effort to make the client’s deadlines and deliver an impeccable product. The level of professionalism he brings to the company is one of the reasons so many of our clients stay with Guida. He is a true family man and friend to all! I appreciate everything he does and enjoy working with him every day!”

In addition to the time he has spent at Guida, Dean has nearly four decades of experience under his belt. A well-rounded surveyor, Dean has primarily specialized in mapping, having provided maps to private clients, cities, water clients, and Caltrans over the years. These days, Dean has mainly working on transportation projects for Caltrans, which include appraisal maps, records of survey, control maps, and legal descriptions.

While he has been a part of many jobs over the years, Dean’s favorite project is the Bighorn Golf Club in the Palm Desert. The project took a stretch of raw desert and built a golf course on it, complete with lots for luxury houses on the outskirts. This wasn’t just any fancy golf course; it was designed with the natural look of the desert in mind: plants that were removed for the construction were returned to their initial positions and the holes were constructed around natural hills and pits. Dean was in charge of mapping the entire course, and when he finished his work on the project, he knew that it was going to be something he could take pride in. He said of the course, “As soon as I went through the gate, I knew that this was something special.” Today, the Bighorn Golf Club is a stunning showcase of nature and human design; the golf course is an oasis of greenery framed by breathtaking mountain ranges and hills.

Uncoincidentally, Dean likes golf; and while Dean hasn’t had the time to play recently, he took lessons last summer and would like to get back into it eventually. In his free time, Dean also likes to ride bikes and to fish, often going fishing with his son, catching calico bass and eating fish tacos.

As for the future, Dean’s looking forward to the upcoming transportation work that Guida has backlogged. After 15 years here, he has nothing but glowing praise for the Guida team. “It’s a great company to work for – Ralph has made it that way. I plan on finishing my career here. I love it here, and it will be my last stop.”