In addition to celebrating all the hardworking dads we have as part of the Guida team, this Father’s Day, we would like to acknowledge some of the father-child duos we are fortunate enough to have working together in our company. Throughout our six offices, we have five proud dads working alongside their kids. From Jeff Pezzi, a party chief in our Bay Area office whose daughters Cole and Rachael work in the office as Survey Technicians, all the way down the coast to San Diego where Area Manager, Richard Allen, works with his son Brandon, a party chief in the field. These families help make up the Guida team.

To celebrate our Guida dads, we asked some of their children why they like working with their father and if their father inspired them to join the land surveying industry.

First, we spoke with Facility Coordinator, Olivia Groen, whose father is company president Ralph W. Guida, PLS. Olivia shared her favorite part of working with her dad, “he definitely helps push me to be a better worker and shows me every day how to be a great worker.” As for inspiring her to join the land surveying industry, she said “Yes, he inspired me to join this industry so that I could help make a career out of a job that I would love. Working in the family company has given me time with family in a new way that I would not have if I didn’t work with them.”

We also spoke with Raymond Tarin a Chainman based out of our Bay Area office, who works in the field alongside his dad, Joe Tarin, an experienced Party Chief. Raymond’s favorite part about working with his dad is “the comfort I feel in knowing I have his full support and he wants me to excel just as much as I do. He is a great surveyor and I am grateful I can learn directly from him.” His dad also inspired him to join the land surveying industry, Raymond shared, “He started at a young age just like I have, and it is a fulfilling profession. He was able to provide us with everything we could have wanted, and I hope to follow in his footsteps down a path to a successful career.”

As a family owned business whose mission is “To excel at providing quality professional services for the benefit of all clients while developing and maintaining a quality work environment that models strong family values,” we are so proud to have these families be a part of ours and to see the next generation inspired to be a part of the land surveying industry.

We wish all our Guida dads a happy and relaxing Father’s Day with their loved ones!