In honor of National Engineers Week, Guida would like to take a moment to highlight and thank Majeed Hashimi, EIT, for his seven years of hard work and dedication to the firm.

Majeed, Pleasanton Office Manager, is known at Guida for his kindness, positive attitude, and willingness to help others. He is a knowledgeable, diligent worker, who consistently displays exemplary professionalism and leadership abilities, and has played an instrumental role in supporting Guida’s growth initiatives in Northern California.

Majeed’s direct supervisor, Vice President of Northern California Operations, Adrian Trespando, had the following words to share about his first-hand experience working with Majeed:

“Majeed Hashimi is hands down one of the best people I have ever worked with. He is professional, smart, and provides the best customer service I have seen. I hope to work with him the rest of my career.“

As improbable as it may seem, Majeed’s career in the Land Surveying Industry began in a Best Buy store. After graduating from UC Davis, with a degree in Civil Engineering, Majeed was faced with a challenging job market due to the recession. To occupy his time, he began working part-time as a sales associate at Sears and Best Buy, while waiting for opportunities within his field of expertise to present themselves. As luck would have it, one day, while working at Best Buy, Majeed had the opportunity to assist Guida’s Vice President of Northern California Operations, Adrian Trespando, with his purchase of new office supplies. The level of customer service, knowledge, and professionalism that Majeed demonstrated during his interaction with Adrian left a positive impression, which ultimately led to a job offer at Guida and Majeed’s transition to the industry.

Since joining the team at Guida, Majeed has been a part of several different projects that he has enjoyed; however, he recalls his first PG&E pipeline project in Roseville as his favorite. He has fond memories of working on this project because it was the first sizable project that he was a part of from start to finish, which allowed him the opportunity to learn a great deal about land surveying, and to build lasting friendships with colleagues.

Majeed shared that his background in engineering has been beneficial to his work at Guida because it has strengthened his ability to effectively communicate with design and field engineers on projects, as well as his ability to understand project plans and design decisions. He is eager to continue to grow in his career at Guida and plans to work towards obtaining his LSIT and PMP certifications, so he can further develop his professional skillset and knowledge of the Land Surveying Industry.

We are looking forward to seeing you achieve your personal goals, Majeed; there is no doubt you will continue to be a great success.

Thank you for all that you contribute to our Guida family!