Aundrea Tirapelle is known at Guida for being helpful, willing to pitch in when needed, and passionate about her family and the surveying industry. While she has been a member of the Guida team for the last nine years, she has worked closely with Guida team members for nearly two decades. Before joining Guida full time, Aundrea used to manage field crews for RBF Consulting’s Northern California offices, which regularly contracted crews from Guida. “When Ralph introduces me to people, he likes to tease that ‘I was a no-fuss boss,’” Aundrea laughed. “Ralph, and I think even R3, showed up on a rental crew at some point.”

After being laid off during the recession, Aundrea received a very welcome job offer from the Director of Northern California Operations/VP, Adrian Trespando. The chance to work for Guida doing redlines was an opportunity Aundrea happily accepted. Her start at Guida included providing technical work as a project surveyor, job tracking, client management, invoicing, and a bit of human resources. In her current role leading business development efforts in Northern California, Aundrea had the opportunity to utilize those technical skills she has developed throughout her career to connect with Guida’s clients and teaming partners. “I still miss the field, but there’s plenty of stuff that I don’t miss. The heat being one of them,” she recalled.

Throughout her time in the industry, the project Aundrea remembers the most fondly was the work she did on the Oakland airport. Every night, the airport would shut the runway down and the field team would get to work on topography. She surveyed the entire runway as a chainman, and now, every time she flies into the Oakland airport, she can appreciate the fact that she had a hand in the process. “It’s a really fun thing to be a part of something so big,” she said.

Aundrea’s father was a surveyor and an engineer, and she hopes her own children grow up to love surveying as well. However, her efforts to get youth involved in surveying does not end with her own. Aundrea previously held the California Land Surveyors Association’s (CLSA) State Trig-Star chair for over 10 years and has devoted much of her career to educating youth about the land surveying profession. Whether it is job career events, STEM education programs, or the Girl Scouts, Aundrea is more than happy to add them to her calendar. “Every kid wants to be an engineer, lawyer, or doctor. They don’t know about surveyors yet. They don’t know how fun it is, or how great of a career it can be.”

Thanks for everything that you do for the Guida team, Aundrea!