With great excitement, Guida warmly welcomes one of our newest team members, Alice Jiang, to the Guida marketing team! Taking on her new role as Marketing and Communications Manager, Alice will be based out of the Orange County Corporate Office.

Alice joins Guida with 9 years of experience in the AEC industry and a wealth of knowledge and expertise in marketing and business development. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (concentrating in Marketing) from the University of California, Riverside, Alice followed her father, a geotechnical engineer, and pursued a career in marketing within the industry.

Prior to Guida, Alice worked for two small subconsultant firms, Salem Engineering and MTGL, then moved to a large engineering corporation, GHD, where she was able to continue to grow and develop her professional skillset by specializing in the management of strategic multi-million dollar pursuits. During her time at GHD, Alice expanded the firm’s Southern California business portfolio (achieving an impressive personal win rate of 60% on her pursuits) and generated approximately $35 million in firm contract revenue over the previous FY 19/20; mentored junior staff and elevated team performance; and played a key role in improving the firm’s presence through targeted events, conferences, and organizations. She also had the good fortune of meeting her fiancé, Andrew, through the company.

Alice is truly excited to be a part of Guida and she is looking forward to investing in her team members, cultivating their individual talents, and providing the right tools for success in order to develop a “marketing dream team” at Guida that can support the company’s growth initiatives and advance Guida’s marketing collateral.

Alice’s direct supervisor, Bernie McInally, had the following words to share about the firm’s decision to bring her on board:

“When Jacque resigned, Guida set up a team tasked with finding a person to fill this critically important role in the company. We wanted a person that would not only build upon the foundation of what had already been established within the marketing team, but a person who could provide another perspective and potentially take us to the next level. Equally important was the person fit the Guida culture, able to move the “Guida Brand” forward and mentor staff.
We received over 60 resumes and interviewed only 5 potential candidates. It was originally thought we’d narrow down our candidates and have a second interview. After the first interviews, it was unanimous to those who participated in the process that Alice was an ideal fit and the person to carry us forward. Alice talked about her experiences and ability to collaborate with team members from across a broad spectrum of disciplines in multiple offices. She spoke about mentoring young staff and bringing solutions and ideas to better convey a message through graphics and less text. In addition, she brought samples of her work and was enthusiastic about the opportunity with Guida.

We look forward to working with Alice and are excited at the prospect of what she can bring to the team, Inspiring Greatness.”

When asked what advice she has for anyone looking to join the land surveying industry, Alice advised taking the time to understand the marketing team’s goals and objectives in order to build and maintain positive customer relationships and become a brand ambassador. She emphasized that marketing applies to everyone regardless of their position, because each member of the team, through their various daily interactions with others, is a representation of the company as a whole.

Outside of work, Alice is a self-proclaimed “Foodie” who loves to cook, try new restaurants, and travel the globe, experiencing other cultures through their cuisines. Currently, she and Andrew are eating their way through Jonathan Gold’s list of the 101 Best Restaurants in LA/OC. Alice also enjoys hiking, nature, and animals. She is passionate about environmental awareness and living a sustainable lifestyle.

If you have not had the opportunity to meet Alice personally, please be sure to reach out and introduce yourself and welcome her to the Guida family.
Welcome, Alice! We are proud to welcome you to the Guida family.