Guida is pleased to welcome our newest team member, Johnathon Allen, to the Guida family! In his new role, Johnathon serves as a chainman out of Guida’s San Diego area office. He is a third-generation Allen to become a surveyor at Guida, and he is looking forward to the unique opportunity of working with his father, Brandon Allen, PLS, and grandfather, Richard Allen, LSIT.

Richard Allen, Principal, San Diego Area Manager, had the following words to share about Johnathon joining the Guida team.

“Three generations of Allens are here to ensure the continuing success of Guida Surveying. I am a fortunate man to be able to work with my grandson Johnathon. It is a rare gift that I have been given to not only work with Johnathon but also with my son Brandon.”

Prior to joining Guida, Johnathon earned his bachelor’s degree in Software Development from Western Governors University and began working in the computer field. He is passionate about computers and technology and is looking forward to putting his expertise in software development to use within his new career as a land surveyor.

So far in his role at Guida, Johnathon has loved getting exposure to the behind-the-scenes and technical details of land surveying. He has found it fascinating to learn about the vast amount of detail that goes into building and construction projects and he is looking forward to learning more about the industry and further developing his professional skillset.

In his free time, Johnathon’s favorite hobbies include working with computers and creating computer programs. In addition to these activities, he has recently developed an interest in gardening, which he has been enjoying devoting time to exploring.

When asked if he has any advice for those interested in a career in land surveying, Johnathon shared that he believes that math is a very important tool as a surveyor, so it is essential to absorb the math curriculum taught in school, as this knowledge will ultimately support success within the field.

Thank you for sharing so much about yourself, Johnathon! It is truly a pleasure to get to know you and we are excited to have you as a part of the Guida family!