We are excited to announce our new mobile mapping solution – the Geo-ECTO-1 Mobile Mapper. This industry-leading, state-of-the-art mobile LiDAR equipment provides powerful survey grade data that delivers precise, accurate geospatial information in real or near real time. With a modular payload, the system can be mounted on a UAV for an overhead perspective.

LiDAR mobile mapping is a highly accurate, powerful, and cost-effective way to evaluate infrastructure and other assets. LiDAR allows for efficiency and safety while conducting mapping, surveying and research programs. Because daylight isn’t needed for operation, surveys can be conducted regardless of the time of day for higher productivity.

Mobile lidar scans large swaths of territory in a very short time and is far more efficient than the painstaking process of taking individual terrestrial scans, picking up the equipment, setting it at another location and repeating the process. It also increases safety by removing personnel from hazardous conditions such as tunnels, bridges, and power lines poles. Guida is proud to invest in the latest technology for the assessment of critical infrastructure, including roadways/highways, structures, utilities, and environmental surroundings.