Today, Guida is excited to celebrate the ten-year work anniversary of Aundrea Tirapelle, Business Development, out of Guida’s Bay Area office!

Aundrea is known at Guida for being helpful, willing to pitch in when needed, and passionate about her family and the surveying industry. While Aundrea has been a member of the Guida family for the last ten years, her working relationship and rapport with Guida’s team members and industry peers spans nearly two decades. Her start at Guida included providing technical work as a project surveyor, job tracking, client management, invoicing, and a bit of human resources. In her current role leading business development efforts in Northern California, Aundrea has had the opportunity to utilize the technical skills that she has developed throughout her career to connect with Guida’s clients and teaming partners, which she has enjoyed.

Tracey Hope, Director of Business Development out of Guida’s corporate office, shared the following details about her time working closely with Aundrea:

“Although I have only worked with Aundrea for a brief period of her 10 years at Guida, she has always been willing to share insight into the nuances of the survey profession to both colleagues and clients. Having been introduced to surveying at a young age, Aundrea has continued to hone her knowledge of the profession and provides valuable insight, in the field as well as in the office. In addition to being a valued member of Guida in a variety of roles over the years, Aundrea has actively participated in organizations that support and value the survey profession. With her many career accomplishments and dedication to surveying, I believe Aundrea is most proud of her role as mother to three young boys.”

Aundrea’s father was a surveyor and an engineer, and she hopes her own children grow up to love surveying as well. However, her efforts to get youth involved in surveying does not end with her own. Aundrea previously held the California Land Surveyors Association’s (CLSA) State Trig-Star chair for over 10 years and has devoted much of her career to educating youth about the land surveying profession. Whether it is job career events, STEM education programs, or the Girl Scouts, Aundrea is more than happy to add them to her calendar. “Every kid wants to be an engineer, lawyer, or doctor. They don’t know about surveyors yet. They don’t know how fun it is, or how great of a career it can be.”

Guida is truly thankful for your many contributions to the firm, and to the industry as a whole. You have been an asset at the firm over these past ten years, and we are proud to have you on the Guida team.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Aundrea! We look forward to working with you for many more years to come.